PLEASE HELP!!! Am I emotionally ready for a REAL relationship?

Honeslty I feel like I am a terrible girlfrend to my boyfriend. I don't try to be but I am. My boyfriend is a VERY bunt simple guy. If he says he's busy, he's busy. problem is I feel like I'm being ignored because my stupid emotions feel like I'm getting ignored and because of that I ignore him back... I know that's terrible but I can't help it. I hate looking stupid or feeling like I'm getting played so if I feel that way, I'll play back (kind of like an eye for an eye). I seem very insensitive and unaffected by him but in the inside I'm torn so I SEEM emotionless. I have too much pride to bow down and admit how I feel if I feel like he isn't putting effort into it (not saying he isn't, I THINK he isn't). The thing is he's an emotional guy and manly at the same time so he doesn't mind telling me how he feels. He's a great guy and I'm lucky but I don't think I deserve it because of the way I think. Am I bad girlfriend? Should I just give up on this/any relationship since I blow EVERYTHING out of proportion? If you're a guy would deal with my personality? If you're a girl (same question)?
Also I'm willing to try and be be better girlfriend. I just need to know is there any hope for me? What could I do to be a normal girlfriend?


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  • say gudbye 2 him after sometym he wiil realize ur value


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  • You sound extremely childish, and that's not to be rude it's just a recognition of your behavior. The stupidest thing anyone can do is assume something about someone and then act off of your assumptions without any real evidence or cause to feel that way. You've got something going on internally and because of your insecurity issues you're unable to accept that you have a partner who willingly wants to be with you. Stop trying to get back at him and ignoring him because you assume that's what he's doing. You sound like one of those people who cheat because they thought the other person cheated, you sound vengeful and that's not a good thing at all. You need to look inside yourself and figure out what you've got going on. This isn't going to get better until you move passed what's inside your head. There's nothing we can do and there's nothing your boyfriend can do. In fact whatever he does do won't be enough. You have to work on this on your own.

    • Thank you. I appreciate your honestly. I REALLY needed to hear that and I will definitely be better. It's just hard because I have too much pride and I'm afraid I'll get hurt if I put myself out there. I'll basically rather mess things up instead of seeing how it'll be

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    • Thanks for the MHO! :D

    • You're welcome lol

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  • You need to do some soul searching and stop embarrassing yourself here in gag. You already know the answer.

    • Are you slow? I. need. ADVISE. I don't have people to talk to to ask these questions so why not ask strangers that will give it to me straight. My friends will sugar coat it. My parents will think its normal. I need honest opinions here not bullshit. If you're not gonna answer then go away

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    • It's advice. Not advise.

    • I'm not SPOILED but thanks for the advice. My phone 'corrected' it

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