Would you date a kryptonian?

Let say you meet a terrific guy/girl whose personality meshes well with you. Only problem is they are from an alien species called Kryptonians with the ability to absorb solar energy. They have super strength, super speed, heat vision, x-ray vision, freeze breath, super hearing, microvision, flight, invulnerability, superhuman healing, infinite stamina, super breath, and genious level IQ.

Would you date a kryptonian ?

Would you date them/ form a relationship with them?

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  • Im not super human so his super penis would break my vagina and when he came it would be like he fired a shotgun and if made a joke about him being faster than a speeding bullet hed rip me in half like a phonebook


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  • No, I'd love to be their friend though. Why?
    Because their super abilities would break my penis during sex, an accidental pat on the back could lead to shoulder dislodging. Platonic relationship would be fine with me, but for a serious relationship in the long run I can't starve my sexual cravings.
    I'd love to hear about their daily stories, their struggles, discussions about the state of humanity, civilisation progress and accompany them whenever they need it and possible from my side.

  • Only if it was possible for her to give me a blood transfusion that will grant me the same powers as her, even if they're limited, and she was willing to do so.

  • Heck yeah and they actually have more powers then that.

  • short answer: yes


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