So the girl I like has told me today she is breaking up with the guy she has been seeing.. why would she tell me this?

Over recent months we have both become best friends..
but I want more I think I am in love with her..
what shall I do?
  • Dose she like me and want more
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  • Dose she just like me as a friend
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  • Her mum and I have a great friendship now. Dose this mean anything?
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  • You obviously want us to tell you she likes you, but what you have told doesn't really tell us anythibg. You say you have become best friends, so it could be she just wants to tell you about her life, like friends do.
    you being friendly with her mother doesn't tell us anything either.


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  • It could go both ways. She could be saying that because it's news. I would also tell people I consider friends about a break up. Of course there's also a possibility that she said to attract you. You'll have to spend more time with her to know where you stand.

  • I think she told you because she sees you as a friend and is confiding. Nothing else.


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