Should I get in a relationship with a person who lives in another country?

So there's this girl who lives in a different country (about a thousand km away) and we have been friends for about 3 years and she has been through very many relationships which I have helped her get over, now a few days ago she said she likes me and I have liked her for a long time already. I have never been in a relationship before so I think I'm gonna be really awkward and gonna fuck it up and I'm a bit scared that then she wouldn't be friends anymore. But I REALLY like her and want her to be happy.. So should I?


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  • Normally I'd say go for it, but at your age you guys are just not mature enough for a long distance relationship, you need to wait, and when your older and more mature if it's still something you want to do, then by all means go for it.

    • I know that at my age, relationships don't usually go far and even I am a guy that laughs at people my age who say their relationship will last forever

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    • The maturity thing isn't really a big problem (Well according to many adults) but I have no idea how this could go. Most of her break ups were problems with the guys, some were racists, perverts, not what they claimed to be etc. We already know each other pretty well because of the lots of talking and are very similar. I don't know what to do

    • Well if you want to give it a shot then go for it, just know that they are hard and require absolute trust in each other, will and communication, if you really want to make it work then you'll find a way.

  • Unless one of you is going to move this is not going to work.


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