Why does he still call me when I like to text?

Okay, so I met this guy in person a year ago and he tried to date me, but I declined because it wasn't a good time for me. Then we meet again a couple weeks ago, and he seemed really funny and trustworthy so I gave him my number. So we're texting for a day or two and it's nice. Then he calls me... while I'm asleep from a nap. It was like 4PM so he couldn't have known I was napping.

I agree I'm different because I LOVE my sleep, and I can sleep pretty much all day and a good day for me can be just watching Netflix and listening to music. So, ANYTHING that disturbs that needs to be worth my time at least. If it's something you need to say, we can meet in person! If it's small like "How ya doin'?"... Just text me, PLEASE!

So, anyway, I advise him to never call me unless it's important. He was FINE with it. We text, we laugh, life is good. NEXT DAY, he calls me at 12PM (also ASLEEP), and I answer. Just to say hey and that he KNOWS I hate phone calls, so he'll keep it short, and hangs up.

Ever since then I ignore every phone call with a text. He never leaves a voicemail and it's never important. Until yesterday, he complains he needs to actually "talk" to get to know me. So I text him back with no reply. Then again at 12PM he calls me, right after someone else had called waking me up for an interview that I also let go to voicemail (because sleep is life), and I was in the bathroom.

I'm okay with meeting in person and talking. Let's go on a date! But if you need to talk on the phone bad enough to ignore everything I just said to you about how I feel, do you really think I'm gonna just say "okay!", and waste my time on feeling awkward during 5min conversations for the sake of your happiness alone? I barely know him!

So people! Before I call this dude back and potentially hurt his feelings, please tell me. Why does he insist on calling me (and ignoring my texts)?


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  • because he's one of those that doesn't text


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