Should I intentionally stalk him on LinkedIn?

Okay, so I'm kind of attracted to this guy at work. Well, we work in the same building but that's it. I get to see him two three times per week.

He talked to me the first time and had been making follow ups every other time about the same topic.

I didn't notice him until that day and he seems to be really, really nice and I think he's giving me some kind of hints to do a few things together.

That was fine until this..

In that same building works this guy, a "bad one type" who flirts pretty much with me and doesn't care who listens, I don't like him at all but still is a great friend so we have lunch together (sometimes).

Last Friday and today the guy I am attracted to saw me having lunch with this guy and to be honest he was looking at me and I don't want to give him a wrong impression.

So.. He has LinkedIn. Is it okay if I check his profile so he receives a notification that I saw him and I am interested or is that too creepy?


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  • Nothing wrong with a little Reconnaissance, to find out about your dream guy. It's only stalking when you lay in wait...

    • Sorry English is not my first language.

      I do not get the last sentence. Could you please explain it to me?

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    • If you were 44 would you consider to date a 27 yo girl?

    • I'm 47! :)

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  • go for it!


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  • Seems creepy. Just talk to him.

    • I'm 27 he is 44 I don't want him to think I'm waiting for this bad guy..

      Do you think I have any chance?

      Talking to him is difficulf, we barely see each other.

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    • Is there something you could suggest?

    • Does he work for the same company as you?

      assuming he is not married... you could just ask him for lunch next time you see him.

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