How can I really get a guy to stop ignoring you?

I've tried the woman's technique including the whole no contact rule. Months at a time. Even 9. I can't move on from him sexually so I need to sort this out


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  • Ignore him. You might then find out that you might not even like him as much as you think you do.

    • If 9 months hasn't done it it's not happening.

    • He messaged me first saying he wanted to apologise... He's never even said that just to get his own way. Ignoring helps after a while

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  • You can't just come up with an excuse to call him? Facebook? Why did he start ignoring you?

    • I don't have his number. He blocked me on Facebook he might have deleted it cause of me it's not clear and he blocked me on two of my Instagrams. Now. Look at that and initial thought is obviously he doesn't want to know you. But he's been doing this for years he keeps switching so I'm not taking him seriously until he tells me to my face. I don't know why he's ignoring me I think it's cause I kept saying I was gonna have sex with him and then was too nervous too.

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