Do you think my female friend is attracted to me?

This woman 27 I'm also 27 iff that makes any difference. We talk constantly over facebook sexual inuendo is very commonplace in our conversations. I know she used to be my step sisters best friend and she has always claimed to know who I was thats why she added me on facebook in the first place. Today she just randomly texted"what are you doing?"
me:"nothing important, its my day off"
her:"where do are you living at the moment, I'm gonna go for a visit"
So she came to my house we kept it flirty but casual since it was the first time we seen each other in person.

now she keeps the facebook banter and said that " I owe her a pizza date"

if any of this seems obvious to you I'm sorry but I have ADHD and socializing is not my strong point


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  • She likes you and is interested in persueing something more obviously, she's making moves on you, the fact she said "pizza date" suggests when she came to your house she thought of that as a date too, so... do you like her too? if you do then it's all good... just keep hanging out if you'd like to, but since your ADHD take is slowly because obviously it's more difficult for you to translate social interactions, i'm not very good at socializing ether so i understand where your coming from, and sometimes i don't get the hint or know what's going on ether, i'm not ADHD but i know how frustrating it can be. She's definitely 100% interested though, can't tell how much but i guess you will have to find out :).

    • We she knows about my ADHD maybe thats why she's making the moves herself, I find her attractive and well she's also a really nice person

    • It definitely makes it easier for you but you have to equally make some moves on her too or she will get tired of only her making moves but never you, but i know it will be harder for you to stay on the same page as her and it may be a chalange for her too because you will need to take it much slower with her to make sure you understand your reading things right, if you ever hit that bump in the road then you definitely need to explain ti takes you longer to read what's going on and where your both at because of your ADHD, but for now show that your equally as interested in persueing something more but take it at a slow pace.

  • Wow, she's putting a lot of effort into talking/meeting with you. I'd say she must want to date you.

    • yeah she knows I'm kinda socially clueless because of my ADHD

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    • If she's standing close to you, has been finding little ways to touch you on the arm all night, and looking into your eyes, especially if she looks at your lips. That's a definite yes.

    • I will remember this

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