Is this a bad message to send to a guy? Guys help me out here please?

If I mean anything to you, and you want another start with me, then show me that. I can't wait for you to message me when you feel like it. I will move on if that's the way it's going to be. I am NOT just looking for a bit of FUN... I am looking for a real relationship. If you want a new start why are you not asking me to come and see you soon!


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  • No... don't let him make you think your being mean or out of line, take charge, you know what you want and you know you want to be taken seriously by a guy not messed around and used, so that was definitely a very straight to the point, clear as day answer that even a chipmunk can understand xD lol, but honestly if he only talks to you when he feels like it and just seems distant i would just move on... don't let him make you give into it, if he's trying to use you for sex he will do that, he will expect you to say "okie i will have sex with you", but don't give him the satisfaction if he is. I once had a guy who just wanted sex and he would sleep with other girls behind his gfs backs, you know the fact he got dumped about a dozen times already should of been the red flag but i didn't want to assume... so i'm not suprised it's because he was caught cheating a dozen times... but he never cared 1 bit... he just wanted both a girlfriend and as many pieces on the side as he could get, he used to only talk to me when he felt like he wanted sex or talk about sex... he wasn't interested in having a proper conversation with me, then evetually he got bored of me, ignored me and then blocked me on FB lol... twat... so id be careful. Text him and try to start a regular conversation with him, if he keeps trying to shift it back to sex or doesn't seem interested at all in the conversation and makes excuses to not talk then it's obvious he only wants sex.

    • We are long distance, he said back in June he didn't have any feelings for me, he lashed out at me was having problems, but prior to that weeks before he told me he had feelings for me.
      He messaged me on Tuesday and I asked why he had come back after all this time, and he said, because he
      missed me, he thought about me, he hurt me but wanted a new start with me

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    • I actually did meet him in person, and he asked to keep in contact with me, then told me after a while he liked me

    • yeh but it was only 1 time, it just seems you've been making all the moves letting him know you wish to persue something more but he's not really making any back... which means your not really getting any where with him, he's not making any sort of real indication or move that he ever wants to meet up again which isn't a good sign. I never trust long-distance ether because guys use the long-distance to distance themselves from girls they are only interested in having sex with, the guy that cheats on his gfs was quite long distance too, and i met another guy 1 other time who lived a few hours away and again he never really indicated any real interest, long-distance is a really hard thing to do... it's a lot of money and a lot of time traveling back and forth to each other and that time you spent traveling to him you always wish you could be spending on getting to know them better, it just makes things harder. I honestly don't feel any interest from him at all.

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