He basically used me for sex what should I do?

I thought he liked me but the last time I texted him I asked why he had to leave in the middle of the night. Then I started talking about a relationship and he said he's not ready to be anyones boyfriend so if I'm going to leave good riddens and good bye. I asked why he was being rude and then he responded by calling me a thot (which is a hoe) and told me to never text his phone again and that he disrepects me because I'm a hoe... I don't get it he wanted me to be in relationship in the beginning I wasn't ready yet and now that I was more comfortable I want what he wants and now he's being rude. Confused on what to do..


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  • It's clear why these woman get cheated on.

    They are able to attract men who are gorgeous and able to have sex with them.

    Woman can hookup with men who are more attractive than themselves.

    So it gives them this distorted sense of entitlement of who they can date.

    So they reject guys who are probably at the same physical attractiveness level as themselves. Because they think they can get better men.

    What they don't realize these gorgeous men just want to hookup and not date them.

    So these girls think they can get these gorgeous men to date them cause they can get them to have sex with them.

    So they reject guys in the "same" league as them. Maybe the guy could even be a bit higher on the attractiveness scale than her. But the girl is able to attract a more gorgeous man than the man is able to attract a more gorgeous girl.

    So girls keep rejecting men at the same level of attractiveness as themselves. And go for something higher. They usually succeed because it is not hard for a girl to get a man to have sex with her.

    The woman who get cheated on are usually the ones who are dating out of their league and not giving guys at the same attractiveness level as themselves a chance.

    • Sorry but what the heck does that have to do with my question

    • I'm pretty so I don't get what the heck your implying

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  • I dislike guys like that.

    They pretty much want to "hit and run".
    But what do they think they are... when they sleep with a girl right away?
    He's a "hoe" as well if that's the word he is looking to throw out.
    What does the think he is immuned because he is a guy?

    You weren't just used, you were disrespected.
    All I can say is carry your pride and move on.
    Never let someone take that away from you.
    He called you names... but I have ten times more in my mind, I can think of what to call him!

    Move on from this.
    Some guys respect you no matter what (whether you choose to be friends with benefits them or in a relationship).
    Not all guys are like him.


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  • Well he isn't worth it either way but he might have been sore. You denied him a relationship when he wanted it and maybe he thought: fuck it, it's payback time. Either he became a douche or he was one from the beginning. Doesn't really matter, the implications are clear: move on.


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