Should I ask my boyfriend to get an apartment with me?

My boyfriend has talked about moving out of his parents and I want to move out of my parents house. We've been dating right about 4 months and I can't decide if that's too early to ask if he wanted to get an apartment together and split the rent and everything. Help?


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  • It would be a convenient step for the both of you, because that's what you both want.

    However, I must advise against it because your relationship is fairly new.

    You will be put in an awkward living situation if things don't work out.
    If you date him longer... you are bound to find out much more about him.
    Give it time.

    When we rush things... it often explodes in our faces.

    I think you should ask a friend of yours to get an apartment with you.

  • its way too early.


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