How should a woman treat a man in a relationship?

Ok, so I have an interest in a friend of mine and I told him what I thought of him in a birthday card I sent him. I basically told him I have feelings for him both in the card and on Skype. But my question is, if I succeed with being more than just friends and it actually turns to something more, how can I avoid hurting him? What are things you guys find hurtful in a relationship besides cheating of course and lying? What things hut you the most that you may keep to yourself that secretly hurts you on the inside? Any tips and tricks on how to treat a guy would be great! And he's Russian if that makes any difference...


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  • In relationship it is important to be natural. Someone has to love you just the way you are. Then relationship makes sense.

    • Yea but how do I go about it? I've never been in an actual relationship before and I dont know how to approach it. Like if I got the opportunity to date him, I dont wanna blow it and possibly for good :( Also when you and your wife dated how did it work out for you two and whats your secret for staying together for so long?

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    • Besides I dont know why anyone would wanna cheat on you you seem like a really cool guy and my friend is similar to you as far as understanding goes so maybe I won't fail after all :D

    • Tnx for MH.

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