Keep the feelings inside or pour them out?

I had a boyfriend and it's been about a year since we broke up but I still have really big feelings for him but should I keep them inside or pour out my feelings to him plus I sit beside him in one of my classes and we still talk and text but what should I do?


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  • What will it accomplish if you pour them out? what do you want to happen?

    • Maybe I would find out he still likes me or we can get the relationship back but what if it screws up the friendship

    • If he wanted you, he would make it happen. So yes pouring out the feelings is only going to ruin the friendship. So my advice is "keep the friendship" and move on... that is hard but it is what i think.

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  • pour them out.


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  • Does he do anything that gives signs he still is thinking about you.

    • What kind of signs are you talking about

    • like break pencil lead if he's talking to you and trying to do homework near you. ( if he's using a mechanical pencil.)

    • If he's doing embarassing stuff to himself around you and he tries to play it off like he intended to do it.

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