Sent this message to a guy, what do you think to his replies guys, I really need to know does he want a relationship with me?

First of all this guy wasn't showing much effort so sent him this
He recently came back into my life
and said he missed me, he thought about me, and wanted another chance with me
(we are long distance)

I've come to a decision.
You wanted a new start with me.
That new start begins with you meeting me
I will come to meet you
Will you meet me yes or no?
If yes great.
If you say no i'm moving onto meet someone else
and I mean it
I don't need excuses if you care about me
you will say yes or i'm really gone.
Its upto you
Its your last chance to meet me...

and this was the reply I recieved to that

You come for a visit then. I would love to see you

I will be here for you don't want to miss this last chance


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  • It's hard to know without knowing you two, but I would be cautious. To me, it sounds like he has nothing else going on right now so he is seeing you as a wild card.

    He may be thinking, worst case, I get another roll in the sack, best case I get a girlfriend.

    But like I said, I don't know enough. Good luck though

    • I've told him im not after a bit of a fun though in previous message, we have known one another for a while, and I've never slept with him

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    • About I wasn't looking for fun a real relationship and would move on if he didn't say yes about meeting me

    • If it was a girl from the past that ended on bad terms, I would humour her and go on a date or so to see if there was potential.
      If if was one who got away, or one I didn't have the gonades to pursue, it would be a mixed emotion of ecstatic joy and fluttering that a guy feels before his heart stops

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