I need help!! How do I know who to pick?

so there's two guys, guy #1 he just broke up with his girlfriend because he likes me. I have been texting him and talking to him lately and he walks me to class when he gets the chance. He told me that he wants to talk to me face to face soon but im kinda scared because he might ask me to homecoming or even ask me out. Then there's this other guy #2 that I've known for a while and he is my best friend and really sweet and funny, he recently told me he liked me and wanted to go to homecoming with me. I told him that i dont want to date and he said that he would just sit back and wait for me until i figure out who i pick between both of them (p. s. they both know that they know they like me, in other words guy #1 knows that guy#2 likes me and guy #2 knows that guy#1 likes me). There are many more details to this story but i was just wondering if you could explain to me how to choose which one to be with?


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  • Okay I'm just going to be cheesy and not care

    Go with your heart. If your heart can't choose, try your guts. If both are willing to wait for you. Which do you like better? If you can't choose, have family or friends (with a non-baised relationship) pick which one. Hope I helped, if you have any more specific questions don't hesitate to ask :)


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  • Realize guy #1 broke up with the girl and broke her heart.

    He could very well do the same to you. If someone does something once it's easier for them to do it a second time without hesitating as much.

    Just warning you to protect your heart.


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  • pick the first one.

    • can I ask why the first one?

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