If you sent a guy this message and got this reply what would you think? Guys need your help please?

I've come to a decision.
You wanted a new start with me.
That new start begins with you meeting me
I will come to meet you
Will you meet me yes or no?
If yes great.
If you say no i'm moving onto meet someone else
and I mean it
I don't need excuses if you care about me
you will say yes or i'm really gone.
Its upto you
Its your last chance to meet me...

and this was the reply I recieved to that

You come for a visit then. I would love to see you

I will be here for you don't want to miss this last chance

Does he want a relationship with me? Does he not want to lose me?


Most Helpful Guy

  • well it sounds like you said that you gave him an ultimatum and he said "yes" so what do you think?


Most Helpful Girl

  • he wants a relationship.


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  • He wants a relationship with u


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