She seems to be interested but she told me she doesn't want a boyfriend?

We study in the same class. Three months ago I wished her happy birthday on FB via inbox. She replied with ( thanks, it's hard to get someone so cold to wish me ). As we continued to chat on FB (very frequently) we talk less and lesser in the real world (I m quite shy about starting a conversation). I placed some traps and hints to test her as we chat. A few days ago I seeked some advice from her whether I should propose to a girl I like (which is her) and hinted it's her who I like. Yesterday I told her the truth about my feelings for her. At first she said she had another guy in her mind. So after i replied with (I'm bad , im not good enough, I should think through my flaws ) she said (you're good, you don't have to do that , you could easily find a better girl elsewhere). I poured out my evidence that she got some feelings for me but she tried to steer away from the topic and said (she wants to concentrate on her studies)#by the way I'm a top student I could teach her everything, lol. As I continued to pour she replied me with ( I just don't want to have a boyfriend) but we chat as normal on other topics like nothing had happened. What should I do? How to approach her in the real world? Do you think she's interested? # she's a Gemini # I'm an Aries # I can tell u the evidence if u want


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  • Don't Chase her anymore. She doesn't have the hots for you, which is fine.

    Focus on another lass in you class instead, and take solace in the knowledge that you made her feel wanted, even if it wasn't mutual.

    Seriously, don't waste any more time looking for something that won't be found

    • Maybe she doesn't have enough feel? The problem is I'm soft hearted

    • If you wanted to, you could come up with a hundred reasons why she isn't interested, but they will all be irrelevant because it isn't something you can change.

      If she comes around later on then good. But currently, you are wasting time showing her affection

    • thanks for ur straight forward. i hope she give me a clear answer soon

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