What's the worst date you have been on?

What is the worst experience on a date?


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  • I tried eharmony. We make a date to go out to dinner, but she changes the plan at the last minute. She wants to go see "her favorite local band," and she asks me if I'd go with her. I love live music; I thought it might be pretty cool. As it turned out, I could hardly say that what "her favorite band" was playing could hardly be called music. The girl on stage was screaming a stream of profanity, much of which was directed at all men, she obviously had a problem with us guys. The screaming girl did lift up her skirt once to show she was not wearing panties, and the crowd was about half guys.

    I'm not finished; my date had obviously altered her photo. The photo was the same girl absent the beer belly. I say beer belly because of the massive amount of beer she consumed that night. It was horrible. I would have walk away much sooner, but I stuck around just to see how bad it was going to get. The date was so bad; I was really into how horrible the whole night was playing out. After about 30 minutes, it was fun in a weird sort of way.

    We walked out at the same time, and I just headed towards my car. She screamed "hey aren't you even going to walk me to my car." I didn't look back. She screamed a few more about how I was a d*** and that sort of thing. The last thing she screamed was "don't ever think about calling me again." That really hurt; she was such a great girl! LOL

    I don't know where eharmony gets off with advertising their "matching system." That girl was not even close to a match. I can't down eharmony too much; I did meet a few nice girls. I was kind of scared of ever going on an online date; the crazy girl was the first person I had ever met online.


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