He doesn't want a super serious relationship?

We've been talking for 5 weeks now and hanging out. We've been dating for for 5 or 6 days now. He usually texts me first, at least daily. We talk about music and movies a lot.
"I'm not ready for a serious relationship right now, but I do like-like you. I don't want our relationship to become 100% sexual, because I like talking to you, and just hanging with you and watching movies with you too. You're an awesome person. I also do want to do sexual stuff with you as well, but I'm not in a place in my life where I can have a very serious relationship, we can be more than just friends with benefits, and it doesn't have to be an open relationship.."
(2) "... unless you want that. I just kind of want to go with the flow you know? And I'm not just some guy who's only interested in sex. I don't use people. Would you like to be boyfriend/ girlfriend? Because I would be happy with that But again, I'm not looking for a super serious relationship, just something relaxing, and chill, and good times which is always how I feel when we hang out"


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  • You haven't even been dating for a week. He just wants to take things a little slow. Enjoy your time together, and don't give it up to him until he's ready for something more committed.


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  • He wants all the perks of a relationship, without any of the commitment or responsibility.

    Your choice to go along with it or dump him. Just be warned that he will not change his mind any time soon and you will waste your time if you keep dating him

    • I'm actually 18 and he's 17. Does age matter for a serious relationship?

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    • One more thing (sorry lol), we're hanging tomorrow probably. Should I ask him again about our "relationship"? Should I test him?

    • Don't test him.
      He already told you what he wanted, now you can tag along or don't.
      As long as you are unsure on what you want yourself, just go with the flow and decide later. No need to stress anything really

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  • He is right. He even acknowledged that he cannot be in a serious relationship since he's only 17... Either you are too serious or you are investing too much energy into him being your special dedicated boyfriend for 24/7. He's not your concierge or chaperone.

  • dont text him talk to him over the phone its better and i think he does but go on dates like the movies. the movies is the best place to go on a date ask him if he wants to see a movie

    • We've been to the movies and were going again. I don't know if I'm being played or not. If I should worry.

    • ^^^^ is that what he sent you

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