Is it good that she texted back or is this a bad sign?

So I went on a date with a girl and at the end of the date I tried to kiss her but she wouldn't let me. I got a text shortly after though and she said "You can't kiss me just like that sheesh!!! :P" So I said maybe I'll try again next time... If you're lucky ;) but then she just sent back Nu uh
So I'm confused what is she trying to say?


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  • You dodged a bullet. Be grateful.


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  • Nope. You lost her. Won't alpha male enough. I'm pretty sure if it was a guy she was really attracted to not only would she kiss him, but she would of been sucking him off and getting plowed by the end of the night.


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  • She is likely not interested in you. If I were you, I wouldn't go on any more dates with her. She seems to be someone who believes you need to work your ass off to ''earn' a kiss from her.

    • It's not wrong if a girl doesn't want to be kissed on the first date, but this girl seems to be deliberately trying to play hard to get.

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