Girls, Why do you Casually mention a "Boyfriend" in such a way?

You meet a Random guy who is attractive/good-looking and have a conversation.

Within 5 minutes of conversation, why would you casually mention a "Boyfriend" when the guy didn't say anything?

Do you find him intimidating or something else, that makes you mention a "Boyfriend" ?


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  • 1 Some girls are mentally glued to their partners and it's impossible to not mention him within 5 minutes of every conversation.
    2 Some girls just spend that much amount of time with their partners that it's impossible to not mention him when answering questions like what they like to do or what they did last night.
    3 Some think you might be interested and it's better to mention him first thing so you don't feel 'led on' when it pops up later.

    • Thanks :) Is it true, that if you are really attracted to the random guy, you will bring up the "Boyfriend" statement quicker than compared to a random guy you are NOT attracted to?

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    • I don't touch random guys at all no matter which category they fall into.

    • Thanks :))

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  • It's usually our subtle way of saying we're in a relationship so we're not interested in finding a new one.

    • Thanks :) But why would you say it to the guy, when he didn't say anything to show interest in you?

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    • He should just talk to me like he would talk to any other normal person.

    • cool and thanks for your patience :)

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