If he interested in me if he talking about his life goals and future with a big family after sex?

There this guy I end up liking talking for awhile. We had sex afterwards we went out to eat, talk about anything and everything. Out of nowhere he talk about settling down one day and wanting have kids. But I thought that was awkward after we gone done having unprotected sex. Is that normal he open my car door, touch me, call me babe, sweety. Show me around town. Open up with me after sex. That was weird


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  • Sweetie, he's probably testing you to see how you would react to his all of sudden settle down motives just play it cool don't shut him down who knows after bomb sex it can change things for the better and mr. right is right where you want him. good luck babe! xo

    • I don't understand why would test me or mentioned having a family after sex. We're not in a relationship. Maybe I'm thinking too much into it but that something I'm not used too. I was flatter but caught off guard. Usually when wom as m brings that up she sending out signs

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    • True... thank you for the advice. He also a sweetheart. I got scared I haven't talked to him few days after that. I did know his intention is was thinking he was trying scared me off. He knows I like him he said when he around me he feels pretty special and wants my attention. I spoke on something on social media of a famous music artist and he made a video singing on social network with that same music artist I was mentioning. What a consequence. It wasn't consequences I don't think I think he did it get my attention since I been avoiding him

    • Go with your gut feeling sweetie, I don't want you end up hurt because I hate to see good women like you get hurt over a douchebag if he treats you well and you feel good around him take it to the next level and build a relationship have a title something you can call him don't be scared and don't brush him off if you like him thats a big no no. anytime hun<3

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