I dont understand why he behaved like this :((? British man?

I was together with a British man for 20 days and we really liked and enjoyed each other. He invited me go to a pub. I said I dont know if I can come. I have lots of works to do today. He said maybe another day and blocked me :( I contacted to him. He just ignored me. Did I make mistake? Why was he angry?
Nobody answers :(


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  • he wanted you for a purpose and it was not filled. So he throw the trash away.
    Nothing to offend you but he was thinking of you as an object probably.

    • Not really, after we had a good time, he was enthusiasitic about meeting up. But I said I can't come no time and he thought that I am refusing him. He was arrogant a bit. But I didn't say anything bad intentionally. I am so sad.

    • He was just not into you.

  • Maybe he thought you were not interested?

    If not that.. Doesn't seem like you've done anything wrong tbh

    • If only I could go to his invitation. There was not going to be any problem :((
      He ignored me now. I texted him 3 times, but no answers. by the way, where r u from originally?

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