What will you do or think? Please answer?

I have a friend, let's call her Alicia.

Alicia is a very nice girl. She's been with her boyfriend for 3-4 months ish i can't remember but i know they transitioned from best friends to couples.

Recently a girl contacted Alicia. She told her that she is suspecting if both of them are seeing the same person. Alicia is pretty sure that's not her bf's ex because she knows all her ex's (they tell each other everything)

The girl dressed very elegantly, and has a couple of bodyguards following her. She's pretty rich from what she looks. She showed Alicia a couple of selfies taken by her and the boyfriend, inluding one helping her to put on a necklace. She said that the guy gave her the necklace. To prove more, she showed her some photos that were taken while the guy is asleep naked in bed, and her taking a selfie don't know what for. But both are naked as well. She apologises to Alicia that if she's being the third party in the relationship because the guy told her that she was single. Also, because she's flithy rich and suspecting something isn't right, she hired someone to follow the guy and took photos of the guy and ANOTHER girl having coffee together alone, walk in the park, hug, whispering in the ear and piggybacking.

Tell me what will you do girls? or guys? and also what happens if the guy denies and said don't know who this girl is? or claimed drugged during the photos are taken or sth?


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  • She should confirm the suspicions first, maybe approach the boyfriend in question for explanations or something and if it proves to be correct, kick that asshole out of her life


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