I like this guy but he lives in? HELP?

Another city and we haven't really talked much before he moved away. However, I may go to the city he currently resides in for work and I don't know how to approach him since I know nothing about his whereabouts there.

Staying in the same city as him won't do anything. Also he goes to nightclubs often but If I go there and try to hook him up its gonna look like I want to sleep with him and would look easy.

Any my other plans which would work efficiently? I really like him.


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  • Sorry, but have you ever talked to him? How do you know him? It'll be easier if you've already talked to him and he knows you. If he goes to the clubs, then it's possible that you could do everything correctly and things might still not turn out the way you want. People don't usually forge relationships in clubs.


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