Guys, is it a turn off if a girl doesn't kiss u on the 1st date?

If the date went well, but towards the end you wanted to kiss her, but she didn't make any action for you to do so, would it turn u off? Would u feel as though u waated ur time? I don't know, I feel as though there should be more dates to come before that... of course not forever, lol. I mean, I feel as hough it shows you respect a girl if u do that. Maybe I'm old fashion. I deff will flirt and hug... but I want to get to know the guy 1st.


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  • No and I dont want to kiss her either maybe on the cheek good night. I want it to be classy and with respect

    • Exactly! That's what i like, too. Lol couldn't think of the right word.

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    • Thank you for MH

    • Yep no problem.

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