My girlfriend gave a guy a ride home yesterday.. nothing came out of it, but she knows I hate the guy. She told me after she did it?

What do I do? He also said some rude thing about me. The guys she talks to are all complete untrustworthy losers, and she knows I think that.


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  • It was a favor dont get hung up on it.

    • They used to date though, and he's still jealous of her.

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    • True, true! Just hard to trust guys now days.. but you're right.

    • Just make sure she understands that its never going to be bothersome to you to make sure she's safe so just tell her your a phone call or text away. And give her a nice hug... slightly tight one, girls won't admit it but they like them. As well you could get your girlfriend to take a basic self defense class. Or just teach her how to make a real fist. So she doesn't break her hand if she ever does have to fight some one.

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