Girls, How much percentage of sexual attraction do you have in this case?

If you know a Random guy for a short period of time (met him like 4 or 5 times ) and one day you tell him that he is " Really Handsome " to his face.

In this case how much percent sexual attraction would you have out of 100 percent?


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  • Depends.
    If the girl is the flirtatious type then it doesn't really mean anything but if she is om the shy side it mean 100% attraction.


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  • 57 percent.

    • Thanks :) Why would you have 57 percent sexual attraction?

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    • I was thinking you would type in your digits instead of a percentage... you gorgeous bum ;)

    • I was just kidding around :) Sorry if I have offended you , but it was not my intention at all.

      Thanks for the answer and good luck :)

  • Maybe or not much.

    • Thanks :) Can you please give a rough number ;)

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    • I am sorry, but no. I am not looking for anyone, sorry lol

    • If I knew the guy well enough would be 1 out 10, about 9 or 8

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