Guy likes me and I like him?

So I found out That a guy likes me and I kinda like him back, but I think I gave him the impression that I didn't like him and then later he walked passed me and acted like I wasn't even there, he thinks I like HATE him... How do I fix this? I want to let him know that I like him without being to direct about it, like subtle flirting, by the way were both 13 and in 8th grade. Oh ya and I only see him when I'm with my friends so I can't really talk to him in private.. And if being subtle doesn't work and I have to tell him directly that I like him, how would I say that? And I don't think he knows that I know about him liking me ( his sister in 7th grade told me)


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  • hmm, you can always just try talking to him more and subtly touch his arm or wink at him or something lol, I mean if you really wanna talk to him more privately, you can scout him out on social media and start talking there. I honestly would think the best you could do is find a way to let him know you found out and that you're interested. If you aren't direct with him he might get confused and try going to someone new. if there's ANY way you can get 1 on 1 conversation with him, even asking to speak to him later and say it's important and just talk to him about the situation. You never know when the opportunity will come to a close and you'll have to move on to someone new, it's best to just bite the bullet and get the conversation out of the way now. He'd probably be so grateful that you came to him and just told him instead of making him wait around and play mind games. Good luck


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