Which is most likely to get you a date?

Which of these activities?
  • Interest group
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  • Sports club
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  • Volunteering
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Most Helpful Girl

  • getting a date has nothing to do with activities it's a personality thing

    • Yeah but you have to meet women somewhere right? Maybe the question is worded badly.

    • women are everywhere.. go to places that you like to go to and approach women there

    • I can't.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd say interest group because that's the area where you're most likely to have a lot of people of both genders interacting with each other on an already established common ground.

    Volunteering can, but there might not be a lot of people going there.

    Sports can sometimes be gender-isolated.

    That said, all three of those venues are much better than online dating or even bars. The quality of dates is likely to be much higher if derived from any three of these venues.

    • Do you think with volunteering some people might feel uncomfortable though? Like at work?

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    • But works not acceptable though.

    • Work's acceptable...

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  • If you volunteer doing something you like you'll meet people who are into that quite a bit and are also an unselfish person, most likely easy going too

    • But do people actually meet people that way?

    • I would think so since that they probably like to talk about what they are doing and why they are volunteering , I'm sure interests groups would work the same way. At least in the movies it does😊, it's just easier I think than just cold approaching women elsewhere

    • Yeah but depending on the volunteer role it might be inappropriate.

  • Sports, I like sports and go to the gym daily. So, I like girls who are into sports too.


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