Guys, he wants me to meet his parents before we are official?

So I am 21 and this guy I am seeing is almost 22. I've been talking to him and going out (we met through our good friend) for about almost three months. But he went away for an internship for a month and a half and just got back in August. I've stayed with him and vise versa, he has met my parents, and wants to meet my siblings in two weeks. He goes to school an hour from me so we mostly spend weekends together. He has talked about spring break together, our birthdays, Christmas etc. He has been so kind and affectionate and I don't normally fall for guys this fast, I just don't want to be stupid. This is the catch I'm not sure about. Last weekend when he was over we had an amazing night. It is an incredible connection. He asked me what I felt about becoming official and actually being together. I said I'd really like that and then he told me.. not this second, he wants me to meet his parents first? I joked that it was so they could approve, but he quickly said oh of course not I want to be with you either way. Is this a way to put it off? Or is he truly being respectful? I have dealt with enough people who seem genuine and end up having no actual intentions to follow through, I just want to know. As a guy, would you say this is a bad sign or no? Would you do that with a girl you saw a potential future with? I'm getting mixed messages from my friends and family, and now I don't know. I'm not sure if I should ask him why or when I'm meeting his parents, just to see his thoughts.. I know is long , sorry guys, I just need some help. Just be real.


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  • If he's anything like I am, that's a VERY good sign for you! It's a small thing to meet his parents, but in my opinion it means he feels really happy and/or lucky to be with you, whereas other girlfriends, he might've dated them officially, sure, but he didn't introduce them to his parents right away, due to the fact that he had known, in the back of his mind, that he couldn't have a real future with them. It might not have even been a conscious thought, but an instinctual or subconscious gut feeling that they were definitely not the one. So basically, it's either a small sign of respect that means just a little bit, or it means he's really into you and thinks it's a big deal that he gets to date you. Either way it can't possibly be a bad thing in my mind :) So just relax and enjoy life as you get to know him, because he sounds like a good man.


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  • Haha don't think too much about it!
    Just meet his parents make a good impression and celebrate all those holidays 😄😄😄


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