What should I tell my friend?

My friend is dating my best friend, but he always complains to me if there is a problem between him and my best friend. He is always asking me for adivice. He says he is putting a lot more work into the relationship then she is. He has a very flexible schedule and she doesn't. He can see her if he is lucky once to twice a week when they are on summer break and not in school. He says when he asks her a week in advance to see if she is avaliable to go on a date. The problem is she either doesn't ask her parents, she asks but never says they need time to see if i am avaliable, or she never tells him they said no. He also is upset because he wants to marry her and have kids with her. She isn't thinking that far ahead. He also told her when they first dated that if she isn't mature by the end of high school he would brake up with her. They are now seniors and have dated 2.5 to 3 years. He loves her very much and she loves him. He wants more commitment and she isn't giving enough that he is looking for. Even though part ofvit can be fixed if. She kept track and asked her parents about any upcomming appointments. I think they should break up. He and I also are not romatically interested in each other. What are your opinions.


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  • I think it's difficult being that friend. I think you should stay out of it. They both seem rather immature, and your girl friend seems less interested and serious about him than he does about her. Let them figure it out and hope they stay together and work things out. Chances are they will break up even if the go to the same university either, and you don't need to lose them which is likely if you are caught in the middle of a bad breakup if you were to intervene now. Good luck!


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