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This guy I've worked with for the last year, made out with me on his 30th birthday, and I guess we were both buzzed (and/or drunk) so it all made sense. He told me I'm beautiful and that he's liked me for a long time and I told him we work together, how is this going to work? He told me it will work. So we proceeded to go out a few times after that night (and a few times even before that night). But suddenly in this last week, he hadn't texted me, or asked to hang out. The one time he did recently, I was out of town for an interview, and I suggested a couple of other times and he couldn't. Like once it was because one of his friends from his college was visiting, and the other was work because he works very early (which I get because we work in the same place). I thought he wasn't interested anymore, so I let it go and acted normal. I saw him at work the other day, he ran to me looking exciting and hugged me and said "Where have you been all my life?" - and then again we worked together the day after that and we are friends and its normal (we keep is casual because we don't want anyone at work to know), but he seems to have other priorities, and I've told him that I dont want to get hurt again, I need you to communicate with me if things aren't going to work out ( this I told him in the beginning and he told me he's not going to hurt me), but yesterday (Friday night) he chose to go out with one of our other co-workers (guys night) and I haven't hung out with him in almost 2 weeks now. What do I need to expect? Im not clingy AT ALL and will never ask about this because I know that in order to make a good relationship wok, he has to want it more than I do, and I'm kind of scared of getting hurt again, so do I tell him to just be friends again?


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  • Are the movie rights to this novel still available?

    Lol :)

    • I really have no idea what you're talking about, but im glad you got a laugh.

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  • I think you should go with the flow.
    By that I mean, if he isn't showing as much interest as you'd like him to... you have no choice but to befriend him.
    That doesn't need to be a "topic of discussion" he already knows what you want.
    Someone that only goes after their likes and wants, instead of taking into account your needs isn't ready for a relationship.
    I think you should enjoy him as a friend.
    He's clearly not looking to commit.
    "Actions speak louder than words"
    No matter what he says, what he doesn't isn't showing it.
    So go off of his actions.
    If you keep saying the same things to him over and over, he will probably will annoyed.

    • I meant **No matter what he says, what he is DOING isn't showing it.

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  • Hi darling! It was lovely of you to start your question with such love-filled greetings. Thanks for that!

    It's great that you're communicating with him about your feelings towards the entire situation because earnestly, that's all you can really do. I'm sure you're interested in him, but his actions show that he may be only partially interested in you. But you know what? That's okay!

    Carry on living your life, having fun and loving yourself because if he doesn't come around when you do such things, then he never will. And if he does come around and continue to act in such an unnkind manner, you ought to drop him like it's hot!

    I wish you the best :) xx

  • He's not ready.


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