Guys, American Women vs. Non-American Women, Which Do You Prefer?

I just read a question (and a few articles) about how guys are fed up with American women. Is this true? If so, why?
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  • I do not prefer any nationality. Whether I would choose a woman solely depends on the woman herself, not her nationality of course.


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  • I've been to mexico and all the girls treated me very well and were really open with me. a lot of girls in the states are more reluctant to talk. Like us guys are the ones who always have to engange girls and always take therisk. Mexican women were alwaystalking to me first. But, i still prefer American women as thewhole culture thing works great.

  • I prefer certain characteristics. Those characteristics are more often found in certain races/nationalities. As important is what races/nationalities prefer the characteristics I have.

    I tend to date 19-27 year olds and have since I was that age. I noticed that in about the past 10 years, American women have really changed their tune (I get older, but the women I date don't).

    Used to, various ethnicities of Asian women were the easiest to get into bed, by far, and most white American women were very difficult to deal with. Now, white American women are just as easy.

    They seem to all complain about how young men (under 25) expect them to pay, are lousy in bed, are selfish, are too quick to want exclusivity, etc. And since I am not a young man and have none of those negative factors, they seem to really want an older guy who knows how to take care of them.

    Perhaps American women are fed up with guys like you?

  • Non-American since they are less likely to feel entitled to being treated in a certain way.


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