Slept together first time we met?

I met a guy from my area online week before last week. Monday we hung out in his dorm watched a movie talked a little then we just made out. I was on an awkward angle so I ended up just straddling him. Which I think sent the wrong message. Things got really heated and clothing started to come off. Before long he was taking my underwear off and pulling his down. I was kinda shocked at his confidence as this was his first time getting even remotely this close to sex. I wanted to and we did.

The next day we hung out and did it again. But this time I felt bad, guilty even.. I felt like I was being used for sex. He walked me to course which was making me worry more because he wasn't trying to hold my hand. At times it must've seemed like we were complete strangers.

I talked to him about everything and how I was feeling and how him asking if we were a thing made me feel like shit. He told me how he didn't want to scare me away and that we can take a break from sex go on a real date.
Which is What we did yesterday. He took me on a picnic at the botanic gardens. It was very cute. (By this time we had decided that not having sex was going to be impossible) so we went back to his after we had stuffed our faces and began making out. We had sex twice because we said we wanted it to be a romantic evening but the first time we got caught up in the heat of the moment and went quite rough. But the second time was very romantic.

We talked and sung and had a tickle fight after. (Well he tickled me) and I stole one of his shirts. He held my hand and kissed me in public even though he's not keen on pda.
I still feel wrong about the sex because of the fact I don't love him. But I know one day when I do it will make the sex that much better.

Plus keeping in mind he was a virgin before meeting me, but he has gotten me the closest to climaxing than my previous partner. Plus now that is all he wants out of sex for me to enjoy it and get off from it.

Giving the circumstances do you think it'll last?
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  • Easiest way to test him would be to casually ask him if he'd be ok taking a break from sex so you guys can just hang out and get to know each other better and develop the non-sexual bond. I totally understand how difficult it is to not have sex, but it might be worth it for you to feel more confident and secure in the relationship (assuming he's willing to hold off for a little bit with sex). Good luck.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's possible it may last.

    However, it's not "impossible" to enjoy someones company without sex.

    Yes, you both had an amazing time together.
    But at times, try to enjoy each other without getting to that physical point. If you can do that successfully and it doesn't seem like "there's a problem" or "somethings missing" then you will know something more can become out of the relationship.

    The guy seems as if he respects you.
    However, if you make each and every single time you get together a sexual one... how can he expect anything different from you?


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  • From what you've said he sounds sweet and he actually seems to care about how you feel and he's waiting so I think it will. You're fortunate


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