What can I do to make this guy ask me out?

Hi! So, um... You read the question. There is this guy that I think likes me. Ever since I noticed him staring at me, I thought he was cute and now I sorta like him. But I don't know really does like me. But let's just say he does like me- What can I do to make him ask me out? Like, what should I wear, what makeup should I wear (I don't wear any makeup.-.), or just simply to get him to see the real me (cause he never talks to me... I assume cause he is really shy). Any thoughts or opinions? I only have one class with him in school (P. E). He is prob a little older than me because my birthday is past December 1st (but I got ahead :]). Oh and girls, myabe some opinions on what makeup and clothes I should wear (listing youtubers w/ those kinds of vids would be great too), And guys, I'd like to know what attracts guys :) Like, the smell of mint or purfume? Mkay thanks in advance guys :)


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  • This is the problem with society. Guys are always the ones who have to ask the girl out. Why don't you try asking him out?

    • For me it really has nothing to do with society. I'm just way too shy to go up to him and ask him out ;-;

    • Yeah thats cool. Just try asking him out please!!! I bet he will say yes.

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  • I would say make up won't help that much, but just try to wear fashionable clothes I guess. honestly I prefer to start a conversation with someone to see if they like me or not, try to approach him and talk to him couple of times, don't be shy!


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  • Just make it obvious that you're interested in him and signal to him that it's safe to approach and talk to you.

    So things like a few seconds of eye contact with subtle smiling and maybe twirling your hair or sometimes being close by to him so he starts wanting to talk to you.

  • Start a conversation with him, talk to him, "accidently" touch him nothing sexual but like brush of the shoulder


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