How to talk to girls?

It's my last year in high school so I want to try things I never did the past three years one of them is trying to get something going with a girl that goes to my school I have the experience and enough confidence to approach girls and talk to them my problems I face though is that my friends don't really know that many girls and any of them they do know I'm never interested in so that would mean I have to go out of my way to talk to girls outside of my group there are two ways I can do this I can approach them in the hallway at their locker or in class the second option is messaging them online and starting there my big question is would they be weirded out if I approached them randomly or would it be better if I just started talking to them online please help me out here much appreciated


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  • Umm I would find the message more weird but I am a little older and social media didn't take off until I was your age soo we talked to people in class and that's just what I'm used to.

    In class is nice because then you can feel the chemistry or lack of.

    A message could work I would maybe make a joke about how it may be weird but you just wanted the chance to talk to her.

    I met my first love in class, I had no idea who he was. He sat across from me ( like facing me). I was actually checking some other guy out when he thought I was looking at him. He rather loudly I might add asked "what are you staring at". I'll tell ya that was embarrassing and awkward but it got us talking and that was the strongest connections I ever shared with someone.


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  • Just don't be a dick, and compliment her subtly and look for a similar interest, and I think it would be better if you talk to them in person:)

  • its better to talk to them in person but you can text them but try talking to the more in person bc if your texting, people act way diffrent. ok you should join groups/clubs at your school. its good that you have that confidence bc guys dont really have that. dont be a fuckboy, also try asking your crush to prom if u can, do things that might be out of your comfort zone dont give a fuck about what others might say about trying new things do you because at the end of the day your have your self , no one is going to have you like you do make senior year the best because whats hs with out memories and fun

  • If she's tall, say " HOWS THE WEATHER UP THERE?"


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