Am I doing the right thing by cutting off contact?

I've decided to cut off contact with my female friend. We both lead busy lives, I not a regular texter at all. We've known each other for a year, she was my lab partner at university and we had a really good chemistry. We've hung out a couple of times. It seems that we have a strong bond, however, lately since we are not seeing each other in university anymore since we are studying different subjects, she's been ignoring my text messages and she replied only once. I'm not a guy who text her everyday not even every week. I respect her privacy since she's in a relationship. I mean the way I treat my guy and female friends is the same way I treat her by being casual. So I decided to delete her number and never look back. She is a great girl, really, but I can't put myself through this without knowing the reason why she's ignoring me since I told her that I will stay in touch. Other reasons could be she might have changed her number, but my text message would not have been delivered if she did.


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  • Cells sometimes also don't work from time to time.


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