He is probably too attracted to me and he says he starts getting feelings down there and he admits he can't handle that no matter how hard he tries?

We knew each other from like a year ago and things didn't work out before because of personal growth that I guess he said he needed for himself? Now we met each other three times within two weeks after communicating again (he texted me first about wanting to be around me again), and he's still just as attracted to me as before and he loves the person I still am. Hanging out was perfectly fine, and we both still had the same chemistry as before, and we just talked like normal.

He has honestly been really attracted to me from the beginning, and not just looks but my personality. He has his own standards which is why he's admired everything about me. But one thing that is making things difficult is his attraction for me. It sounds crazy but the three times we've met he has gotten erections and he had to leave early each time because he can't handle it, which he explained why he left later. He told me he actually went to the doctors twice because he said he can't control it around me and the doctor couldn't do anything for him. He says he honestly doesn't know what to do and we know for sure we're not having sex, we're not even close to that or are even in a relationship. But I've been asking if we're going to hang out soon and he's been brushing it off. I texted him if he's changed his mind on hanging out with me ever again, and he said he gets very sexual feelings towards me everytime he sees or hears me and that it makes him "feel like crap" because he doesn't know what to do. He literally believes I'm the most beautiful girl he's ever seen and the way he feels is almost destroying him. And this is making things hard on me too because I feel like he's avoiding me because now he feels like an animal who can't control how he feels around me.

This is too soon to be going through this and I honestly don't know how to feel about this because this is making us both struggle and I'm getting ready to give up on us ever being able to spend regular time


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  • If you've known each other for a year and have good chemistry, I think your natural next step is to try an actual date together and possible sex. He's obviously raging for you.


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