First date and whats her objective?

Recently met a girl at work that I did work for, asked her out after work to some jamba and she agreed flirting. After that a few days went by and I got to go out with her for dinner. We were both hungry. The night was nice me and her talked, at times we had nothing to say but found ourselves looking at each other as she said "hi" with a cute smile. Those gaps were just brief pauses in our conversations.

She didn't really ask many questions about me, I gave her the chance and she did but not as many as I asked her. She was always smiling and laughed at a lot of the things that I said. And kept saying I was funny.

At the end of the night as I dropped her off she moved on me but I'm not sure if it was a kiss or a hug but I kinda played it off as a hug and then paused after the few seconds we hugged. And I tried to give her a kiss on the cheek but we both went away from that. I asked her "so what were you trying to do just now" and she said "same thing that you tried".

I just want to know her objective, honestly if I thought she was interested in me I would think she wants to ask me questions. She did but I just kinda engaged most of them.

So help. Haha


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  • If I placed that girl position on me, I will also think you are funny. But the matter was, she doesn't ask much question. Often, if a girl doesn't ask questions to a guy for the first date means her interest toward you not really that strong. At the same time, she was just want to know your reaction onto her, for example, how you treat her, the communication and the connection. If she find something appealing from you like I mention just now, her reaction must be positive. She would ask a lot questions because there is something attract her. But she says, " same thing that you tried" means she's flirting as same things you did to her. Obviously, her objective was just to find whether she's into you or not. Give her some time to connect the situation, you and her feeling toward you. Then, try again, perhaps you can call her, ask her out or anything that interest her. If she give positive feedback and her respond was clear for you, then you might have a chance. Good luck.


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  • Are you blind? Please say yes cause you got lucky. No games, no chasing no guessing. Buy a lottery ticket dude. Doesn't get any easier than this.

    • Its interesting cause in the past it has always been hard. I am not the best looking person in the world but I can get a good conversation going.

  • "she said "same thing that you tried""

    Ask yourself what you tried? Love her, kiss her, hug her. Right? She's into you and played no games. She's clearly a nice girl just ask her out, I'm sure she will say yes.

  • Dude, clearly she's into you. Next time go in for a hug and when you pull out kiss her without thinking twice. Not a long kiss, just a quick one. Then pull out. If it looks like she was into it then she start to get closer when she does go in for the long passionate kiss. No tongue until she opens her mouth and invites you in.

    • I soo tried to turn it into a kiss. Our cheeks rubbed but I couldn't get that angle for the cheek.

      But like at one moment I knew she was leaving and then the hug just came hella fast. Dudes its been years since I dated lol.

      What should be the next date and when? And should I try and hold her hand next time? This date I didn't really try cause I'm trying to be subtle. Open the door for her though and got a little close to her.

      I'm not 17 either I'm 25 so no kiddie games for me hehe.

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