Why do guys I'm not attracted to are usually interested in me?

Lately the guys who have approached me are all nice guys but none of them I'm attracted to?
there's only been one cute guy who's shown interest and he turned out to be a jerk..
I think I'm pretty so why can't I find a nice guy I'm attracted to?


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  • You might have your standards set too high if it's mostly unattractive people asking you out and not attractive people. Girls don't like to settle for unattractive but neither do guys.

    • But that's the thing I don't think I'm that unattractive I think I'm actually pretty hot

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    • Lol it's cool

    • But it would give me a better answer

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  • Don't wait for them to come to you. Go to them and chat them up. Relax and stop worrying. if it's meant to be, you'll see. There isn't much we can do about this.


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  • Unless you are wearing a shirt that says "Don't bother unless you are hot." then guys of all levels of attractiveness are going to approach you. There are differing levels of confidence involved, attraction is subjective, etc. That's just how it's going to work when you are the passive gender that sits and waits.

    You could always find a guy you are attracted to and ask him out yourself or be blatant about your interest level.

  • The 'cute guys' are usually the jerk cuz they know they can get any cuties right? While the average guys can be nice cuz they have their appearance to compensate for their personality. Simple 👌🏼

    • Yeah but I don't wanna be with someone I'm not physically attracted to you know

    • Than why complain? Get with the jerk if u so wish. little gurls know no better afterall.

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