Is long distance ever worth it?

I met a guy while travelling who lives in the same country but a 4-5 hour flight away..
I'm home now and he's still travelling but he said he wants to see me again.
Since then it's been a week and we've been talking most days. He's such a good guy and I really like him and can imagine being together. I don't know if that's something he would consider though. I guess I'm seeing how things are when we see each other next.

Would most people give it a try if they were really into them?
anyone had it work out well or have any advice?


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  • I can tell ya from actual experience some are and some aren't it just depends on the people involved with them. I won't lie they are hard but worth it in the end.


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  • If I really like the guy and we're on the same page, I don't mind an LDR, but we'd need to meet sometime in the future. Sorry I don't have any advice to give but I'm sure there have been gagers who have experienced LDR


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  • u never know if u dont give it a shot right?

    i can't speak from experience but i guess all i can say is keep your heart open.


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