What did my dream mean?

I had a dream last night where i got married to a guy im currently dating. What actually made me Freak out is how insanely detailed everything was. All from the dress to the flowers to the people who was invited. Everything was spot on. I love reading about dreams and what they could possible mean, so my question to my other dream readers here at gag is, what could this possible mean?
I though i had to make this clear, but im not lesbian. Fucking jerk off @Roostah though he was sooooo funny being rude.
? Seriously help me?
Help me.


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  • Did you have control over your dream? (Yes dreams can be controlled)

    It could've just been a very vivid dream. Or it could've been a vision of the future.

    That's happened to me a number of times, I would briefly dream something that I could not control and was in great detail, and when it happened in real life I would have a déjà-vu moment.

    • I did yes. I think it might be a vision of the future tbh sins i recently got into a really affectioning relationship. Thank you for your help!

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