Why isn't my boyfriend communicating?

Me & my boyfriend have been dating for a year & a half & the only problem I have is with our communication. I have been there for him & supporting him through the 1st year of us not communicating. I put all my effort into communicating with him & he never wants to talk or express his feelings. It takes him days to tell me when he's mad. I call & ask him how he feels & he always gives me the same response. I keep telling to talk to me more & he said it "takes time" but he said that over a year ago & he's about to be 2 years & we're still having the same problem. I keep telling him to talk to me & he just shuts himself off, & all I do is try to see how he feels & he can't even talk to me about things. I put in all the effort to talk and communicate. What should I do?


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  • My boyfriend does something similar to this too. He's told me the way he deals with his emotions and stuff is just by bottling it all up inside. I told him before it's not healthy in my opinion (because I like to deal with my emotions and problems head on so I'm not dwelling on them) but that's just the way he deals with things. I know that if he wants to tell me what's up, then he will so I just don't push him to tell me any more.

    I think what you should do is accept that this is the way he deals with his emotions and I'm sure if he wants you to know, then he will tell you. Guys are so much different to girls when it comes down to dealing with feelings and stuff, and this is just his way of dealing.

    • He never talks though

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    • And is everything okay when you see each other in person?

    • He's been distant the whole week. On Monday he was distant for no reason. On Wednesday we didn't see each other because he got mad about not letting him in the house while I was naked upstairs & my mom family was in the house. I just told him to wait a couple seconds. Then he just drove off. On Friday he argued with me and he brung the argument into Saturday by not saying much about it on Friday but saying something about it on Saturday.

  • you should leave him.

    • Why do you say that? Give me your point of view.

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