Getting over my girlfriend's past?

I don't have a past at all. My girlfriend's literally been my first for everything. Her past really isn't much, but it still bothers me time from time, especially knowing she had a one night stand. What can I do to get rid of all these thoughts?


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    im here for you!

  • get over it.


    it was with a different guy before you even met her.

    if you are hung up on her past and are jealous because she had a one night stand with someone before you met her then the relationship is gonna be headed south. these thoughts ruin relationships. if you start giving her sh*t about it what can she do? nothing.

    you should be glad she is honest with you.

    • I try too, its just hard. A little things remind of it. I don't want to be constantly dwelling on it. Is there any advice for that?