Dreaming of a guy I only met yesterday?

I met this guy yesterday and I ended up dreaming of him. I dreamt I was in w relationship with him. And we were madly in love. It was just weird

i was thinking about him because I thought he was attractive, but still. I think about other people and sometimes don't dream about them for 1 year or more

how does stuff like this work


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  • Lol happens all the time. Its your subconscious. It's telling you what you want


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  • This guy probably showed up in your dreams because you regret not talking to him.

    I think that dream goes far beyond just the guy that you saw that day.
    I think it's showing a deeper message.

    In general,
    go after what you want!
    Because if you don't... you'll never know the opportunity you could have had.
    There's probably a lot of things you could have tried that you were to shy too.
    Or a lot of wonderful guys you could have met, but you held yourself back.

    Don't stand in your own way.
    Try to make eye contact, smile, greet them.
    It's okay to take the initiative.
    What's the worst that could happen?


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  • dreams are weird things, they never make sense.


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