Is this a lack of interest?

My boyfriend sees my messages but doesn't text me back for a whole day and when I ask him why he keeps saying he was busy or he is with his friends and can't be on his phone. Okay, but how does he is online and likes photos of other girls? I think he lost interest but before disturbing him with the same topic again I would like to read you comments on his behaviour guys.
And a question for the boys: have you done this and why? Lack of interest or what?


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  • He's probably not much of a texter , some people aren't into that form of communication.
    However, since you are his girlfriend you should be at the top of his list.
    He should make an effort to respond to you, especially since he knows it bothers you so much.
    His lack of care seems like he isn't as committed to making things work as you are.


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  • He's lost some interest in you honey if he didn't it wouldn't matter what he doing he'll make time to text you. But you gotta wonder what is making him uninteresting.

  • its a lack of interest.


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