What are your experiences using Dating sites?

I just created a fake female profile to 1) Scope my competition 2) See how many messages/likes/visits above average women get.

I'm truly astonished.

In 30 mins of signing up I got 40 visits, 12 likes and 8 messages, and even that doesn't seem like a great score.

Most of the messages I got are from men ranging 25-30 years old (I set "her" up as 22).

I'm obviously not going to reply to anyone because that could be seen as leading people on...


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  • i dont think dating sites work that well.


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  • Mostly a lot women NOT responding. Women who do respond are either
    1. Fat
    2. New
    3. Not looking to date
    4. Afraid to meet anyone.

    I'll very rarely get a woman I ACTUALLY like to say something to me and even less actually go out with them. But when I do I still have to deal with them being too busy to go out again.

    Sometimes though, everything goes just right. Once every blue moon.

    • I've had luck with one girl. She fit the bill, but unfortunately I deemed the distance too great - like you said, one in a blue moon.

      However most of the time I won't get a response, or maybe 2 messages and then she'll disappear...

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    • Women in person are a lot easier to handle. Dating sites are a complete and utter waste of time for men.

    • I agree. It's just that the only way to get women near me is to find them on the internet.

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  • See, now you know how we feel lol


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