Does this ever happen to you while dating?

So I have absolutely no luck dating in my current city. But on facebook, I talked to two attractive women on Facebook who said they would hang out with me. The problem is that one girl lives in Oklahoma and the other woman lives in Washington. I can't even get a date in my own city but have two options outside my state. Does this happen to you? Should I pursue them both?


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  • It used to happen to me when I had zero confidence in my body, but not so much anymore. Now if I were single, it would be more a matter of having a hard time finding anyone attractive enough for me to go after.


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  • it happens all the time, my friend drives far away just to meet someone, the girls he meets in the local area he says they were not into him. some people believe the grass is greener 1,000 miles away. in my opinion that's too much trouble unless you really want to meet and if you do meet, learn as much as you can and use it when meeting local people, its all the same principal.
    Does it happen to me? No because I won't drive more than 50 miles one way just to meet someone.


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  • dont pursue them.

  • Meet people inside your area.

    • Tried to they aren't into me.

    • Ask them out.

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