Where do we go from here?

I have been FWB's with this guy for 8 months, and have been dating him for 3. This marks almost about a year, but I really don't make the time spent together an important factor. We do not talk like we used to, and I feel like we are missing some key components in our involvment. We lack comminucation. We can be affectionate. I know the way somone touches, and treats you is important, but to me what people say is also important. We do not even have a title. I dont know what we are, and he doesn't either. However a man, and a woman do not date if there weren't any feelings. My heart still beats fast whenever I think of him. I want him, but im confused. So feelings basically still exist, but I feel like I dont know what to do with it. I don't know what to do with us anymore. What do I do? Please help me. This is the longest time I have ever been involved with somone. I usually do not date or show affection, but for him I would. I have never felt like this before.
Where do we go from here?


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  • This is why friends with benefits isn't a good idea. Since there's a lack of communication your relationship is doomed to either stay the way it is or fall totally apart. Have you tried getting him to open up?

    • I agree. I have, but haven't. It is because I fear it won't change, and or that it would fall apart.

    • Something has to change because you're miserable. In an friends with benefits relationship one of the two have or develop stronger feelings for the other and think by staying in it the other will too.

    • It really has to. However, he shows me that he cares. This is just a really confusing situation. We do not share a ton of things. I do not know where this is heading. I can see that if we do not talk about it we will be in a worser placement. I do not even get how I went this long. I feel like sex seems to be the best way we communicate. It is just a mess. I will see him Tuesday, and I think he, and I need to have a serious conversation. It will be for the best. I would just hate to lose it all.

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